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The Freedom Blueprint

Are you tired of the relentless battle with inflammatory bowel disease?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

The conventional medical establishment left me with little to no answers.

They told me I’d be battling this disease for the rest of my life.

They were totally wrong.

This revolutionary e-book offers you a comprehensive, holistic guide to healing your body naturally.

My approach addresses the root causes of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, promoting lasting relief and enhanced well-being.

About Me:

My name is Jordan Power.
I’m an Internet entrepreneur and the president of Grey Smoke Media, an elite marketing firm that drives billions in revenue for High-powered law firms, publicly traded pharmaceutical companies, politicians, and e-commerce giants.
For 18 years of my life, I battled the brutal disease of ulcerative colitis. I suffered through hospital admissions, extreme weight loss, moments of crippling depression and unyielding arthritis.
This disease ruined entire vacations, strained my relationship with others and at times sucked almost all of the joy from my life.
At the age of 27, my doctor suggested I remove my colon.
Me in the hospital at 27
A little over a year ago, when all other options seemed exhausted, my doctor suggested the removal of more than 12 inches of my colon as a final attempt to stop the runaway inflammation.
However, being an ever-resourceful individual, I had other plans.
Now, I’m ready to share with you what I learned on this dizzying journey to objective reality.
After 18 years of living through dark moments of despair, my ulcerative colitis is now undetectable on scans, without the aid of any sort of modern medication. (Reminder: I was a month away from highly invasive surgery).
To top it off, the depression and anxiety that I once believed were ingrained in my genetic makeup (as someone who is 50% Irish), has vanished. An unexpected bonus.
For the past few months, it has felt like I’ve been living in someone else’s body.
I got my life back.
Now, I’m sharing what I learned in an e-book called “The Freedom Blueprint”, which includes 35 strategies to conquer chronic illnesses, such as ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease.
The reality is that the human gut microbiome is teetering on the brink of extinction.
To put it bluntly, modern food, chemicals and medications are killing us.

But we are not disempowered. I am proof.

Consistent Pursuit of Wellness
12 countries in 12 months. Finally got my life back.

Did you know?

Chronic diseases are experiencing explosive growth, with most seeing an increase of 200 to over 3000% in the past three decades.
Why, you ask?

Did you know?

Chronic diseases are experiencing explosive growth, with most seeing an increase of 200 to over 3000% in the past three decades.
Why, you ask?

In The Freedom Blueprint we will explore factors that can both cause and aggravate diseases like Ulcerative Colitis, such as:

general imbalances in gut microbiota
the consumption of seed oils
fluoride, pesticides and herbicides
endocrine disruptors in beauty products and cookware
heavy metals


My Journey To Healing Started As I Discovered Parts Of The World Unburdened By Ulcerative Colitis, IBD Or Crohn’s.

For example, Kitava, a small island housing approximately 2,000 inhabitants off the eastern coast of Papua New Guinea, is devoid of electricity, motor vehicles, modern communication and antibiotics. Remarkably, acne is nonexistent on Kitava, even among its adolescent population. Instances of heart disease, strokes, and chronic ailments are extremely rare.
Scientists have embarked on a global quest for answers in other parts of the world, studying these tribes like the Hadza in Tanzania, Africa.
Across various tribes, the same conclusion remains.
When individuals deviate from a Western diet, their gut microbiomes tend to exhibit a greater diversity of microbes, including bacteria that are absent in the gut of Westerners. The more the diet differs from the Western norm, the more pronounced this difference becomes.

Unlock the remarkable interconnectedness
of the human body.

Discover how the well-being of your gut exquisitely influences your overall health and vice versa.

Tired of the endless game of symptom whack-a-mole?

Break free from the cycle of returning symptoms by uncovering and tackling the underlying root cause. Embrace genuine, long-lasting relief.

Book Sample:

Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, sucralose, saccharin and stevia, are used as sugar substitutes to sweeten foods and drinks with fewer or no calories.
You knew they might be toxic, but you probably didn’t know how bad they were.
Did you know?
They can cause insatiable cravings for food.
They can invade the gut wall and destroy healthy gut bacteria.

They have been shown to increase tumours. (SOURCE:

They have been heavily linked to inflammatory bowel disease.

They can degenerate your liver and decrease your plasma testosterone (SOURCE:


Results may vary

You can be the person you’ve always wanted to be, starting with your health

Unlock your body's Innate Ability to Heal

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Breaking Free: How I Cured My Ulcerative Colitis
A one-hour podcast conversation between health influencer, The Holistic Nick, and Jordan.
Both Nick and I were able to put our ulcerative colitis into remission without medication. (He was diagnosed at 22. I was diagnosed at 18). Neither of us has been on medication for over a year and we’ve never felt better.
My full shopping and supplements list, including those that were crucial in healing my gut, such as Bovine Colostrum and powerful antioxidants like Astaxanthin.

Are you ready to take the first step to get your life back?

Achieved Complete Remission from Inflammatory Bowel Disease After 18 Years